Art and Culture

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Syllabus Covered as per prescribed UPSC Syllabus
Prescribed UPSC Syllabus Topics Covered Subtopics Covered ( Theory, MCQ, Subjective Ques.)
Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature, and Architecture from ancient to modern times. Dance, Music, Painting, Caves, Sculptures, Architecture, Language & Literature, Puppetry.

Dance: Introduction, Classical Dance of India, Folk Dance.

Music: Introduction, Carnatic classical music, Hindustani classical music, Musical Instruments.

Painting: Pre-historic paintings, Mural paintings, Miniature paintings, Mughal paintings, Rajasthani Paintings, Pahari Paintings, Deccani Paintings, Different Style of paintings. 

Caves: Cave Architecture, Post- Mauryan, Gupta period.

Sculpture: IVC and Mauryan Period, Post Mauryan and Gupta Period, Sculptures of Eastern and Southern India, Gupta period.

Architecture: British Architecture, Stupas, Temple architecture, Indo Islamic architecture, Delhi Sultanate Architecture, Mughal architecture, Deccan Architecture, Provincial architecture. 

Language and Literature: Vedic Literature, Buddhist, Jainism, and Sangam literature.

Indian Puppetry: Indian Puppetry.


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