About Exams Easy

Our Origin and Story

Exams Easy: Prepare for UPSC the gen-next way!

Who we are?

Exams Easy is a novel Learning Management System that helps students prepare for the Civil Services exam and assist them every step of the way. We provide smooth interface with remarkable features, bringing you current successive content.

Learning with Exams Easy is driven by the philosophy that every individual is born to succeed. Through our range of services, we help students all over the country come one step closer to achieve their dream of clearing the Civil Services Exam.

What we do?

From its very inception, Exams Easy has been successful in connecting students to all the relevant information they need regarding the Civil Services Exam under one roof. We also keep the students up to date with the current UPSC syllabus, the examination pattern and other aspects related to this exam.

Our study material has been devised through extensive research conducted by subject matter experts, ensuring that the content is highly structured, effective and relevant. All our material has been made available on our single portal which enables students to learn on the go.

Students aspiring for Civil Services will find it easy to manage the amount of time they spend on a particular subject. This will enable them to realise their grey areas. With the use of artificial algorithms, we are able to provide feedback to the students which will help them to gauge their preparation.

With meticulously designed practice tests and test series that mirror the Civil Services Exam, we also ensure that UPSC aspirants are fully prepared when the big day arrives.

At Exams Easy, we have come a long way in reducing the amount of effort that would otherwise be spent on managing notes. That’s not all, we are.

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